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Product Description

Maximum flexibility for indication-specific pre-settings (SCOPES): prisma25ST leaves room for individually tailored solutions. Perfect for patients with obstructive, mixed or complex sleep apnea with comorbidities. Equipped with automatic backup frequency, apnea differentiation by FOT and many process and comfort supporting features, prisma25ST provides reliable, effective and whisper-quiet BILevel-ST therapy.

  • Ventilation modes: CPAP, APAP, BILevel S, autoS, BILevel S/T, autoS/T, BILevel T 
  • High level of safety due to auto back up frequency or high fixed back up frequency 
  • Optionally with autoTRILevel principle 
  • SCOPES for indication-specific pre-settings 
  • Optional auto Trigger (Trigger IN) 
  • High resolution therapy data for up to 14 days and detailed statistics for 366 days 
  • Therapy software prismaTS for data analysis and remote control 
  • With SD card and USB port 
  • Telemedicine connection via modem for prisma CLOUD 
  • Eight clearly identified analog signals for PSG feed 
  • Comfort functions such as autoSTART-STOP and softSTART 
  • Heated breathing tube prismaHYBERNITE  (Sold Separatly)
  • Easy-to-use accessories
  • The Prisma soft device can be used with the well-known humidifier PrismaAQUA (Sold Separatly)