Product Description

Prisma30ST is the means of choice for patients who suffer from respiratory insufficiency, e.g., position-dependent hypoventilation and/or COPD, and concurrent SDB (Sleep-Disordered Breathing). Equipped with the unique autoS/T mode with adjustable target volume, autoEPAP and backup frequency, prisma30ST provides comfortable ventilation that quickly leads to lasting treatment success. 

  • Ventilation modes CPAP, APAP, S, T, S/T, autoS/T, aPCV 
  • Broad pressure range (4 – 30 hPa) and several adjustable parameters for greater flexibility in therapy settings 
  • With automatic or permanently set back up frequency and optional adjustable alarms for leaks, low minute volume, low tidal volume and apnea 
  • SCOPES (indication-specific pre-settings) 
  • Identification of periodic breathing, RERA, snoring, hypopnea, apnea and flow limitations 
  • Optional auto Trigger (Trigger IN and Trigger EX) 
  • Adaptive inspiratory pressure rise (Ramp IN) and expiratory pressure reduction (Ramp EX) 
  • High resolution therapy data for up to 14 days and detailed statistics for 366 days 
  • Therapy software prismaTS for data analysis and remote control 
  • With SD card and USB port 
  • Telemedicine connection via modem for prisma CLOUD 
  • Eight clearly identified analog signals for PSG feed 
  • Comfort functions such as autoSTART-STOP and softSTART 
  • Heated breathing tube prismaHYBERNITE (Sold Separatly)
  • Easy-to-use accessories
  • The Prisma soft device can be used with the well-known humidifier PrismaAQUA (Sold Separatly)
  • Product Code: WM 29930