Product Description

With Prisma soft discover the new generation of the fixed pressure cpap devices.  Flexible therapy for obstructive sleep apnea (osa) you will make the right choice with Prisma soft. The innovative, simple-to-use device complete the Prisma line spectrum. Benefit from all-rounders, pragmatically designed for practical use. 

That goes for all the Löwenstein products. For they always develop with their partners ‘requirements in mind and create intuitively used devices that are reliable, economical and state of-the-art. 

  • Unheard-of silence 
  • Standard operating concept and clearly structured, target group-oriented menus (for patients and experts) 
  • Segment display – highly visible presentation of required information 
  • Prisma line range of accessories 
  • Two different apap dynamics in Prisma smart – the right therapy for every patient 
  • Familiar features such as recognition of cheyne-stokes respiration and forced oscillation technology (fot) in the entire Prisma line
  • In addition to the low operating noise level for which the manufacturer is known, the device offers the proven pressure relief softpap, which makes treatment more comfortable for the patient. The Prisma soft device can be used with the well-known humidifier PrismaAQUA (Sold Seperatly)