Product Description

The mask makes a good first impression that lasts. The soft and supple mask cushion fits snugly and hugs the contours of the face, making it ideal for long wearing comfort even without a forehead cushion. Bank on the best – sensational silence.

The exhalation system located near the ball-and-socket joint has proven itself over the years. The slotted openings yield a diffuse air flow that does not disturb patient or bed mate while the closed upper area prevents air from flowing toward the patient’s eyes. The system has been perfected in the CARA family of masks. 

The limited number of parts simplifies operation, reduces the mask’s weight and relieves the strain on the environment with less material production and disposal. 

  • Soft, supple mask cushion in three sizes 
  • Small and diffuse exhalation system 
  • Lightweight  
  • Upper portion of headgear can be adjusted for a perfect fit on any head size  
  • Choice of manual threading or permanent assembly 
  • Quick-release cord for rapid removal  
  • Ball-and-socket joint with 360° and 3D rotation for freedom of movement  
  • Extremely durable material

Complete Mask (Including Headgear)

  • Small- Product Code WM25630
  • Medium- Product Code WM2564
  • Large- Product Code WM25650

Spare Parts

  • Headgear CARA Full Face including headgear clips: Product Code WM 25243
  • Cushion - Small: Product Code WM25601
  • Cushion - Medium: Product Code WM25602
  • Cushion - Large: Product Code WM25603