Product Description

AirFit F30i is a minimal-contact full face mask designed to keep air tubing out of sight and out of your way, giving you the freedom to comfortably switch positions and sleep the way you want.

Under-the-nose design means no red marks on nasal bridge The F30-series’s ultra-compact frame sits comfortably under the nose, not over it. Less facial contact looks good, feels good and means you can say goodbye to red marks and pressure on the bridge of your nose. With nothing on your nasal bridge, you can easily rediscover simple pleasures like wearing glasses and reading in comfort.

Complete Mask (Headgear Included)

  • Small Cushion/Small Conduit Frame- Product Code: 63310
  • Small Cushion/Standard Conduit Frame- Product Code: 63311
  • Medium Cushion/Standard Conduit Frame- Product Code: 63312
  • Wide Cushion/Standard Conduit Frame- Product Code: 63313
  • Medium Cushion/Large Conduit Frame- Product Code: 63314

Spare Parts

  • F30i Cushion- Small – Product Code: 63350
  • F30i Cushion- Medium – Product Code: 63351
  • F30i Cushion- Small-Wide – Product Code: 63352
  • F30i Cushion- Wide – Product Code: 63353
  • F30i Conduit (frame) Small- Product Code: 63368
  • F30i Conduit (frame) Standard- Product Code: 63369
  • F30i Conduit (frame) Large- Product Code: 63370
  • F30i Headgear-Standard- Product Code: 63372
  • F30i Softwraps- Product Code: 63373